Tone & Tighten, Kick a$$, and FEEL CONFIDENT in your OWN SKIN!

***Limited to first 17 Tucson women***

Have you been delaying your goals because it seems like there’s no time?
Are you lacking motivation from exhaustion, busy schedule, family, and work?
Have you tried everything, but never hit your goal, or lost all your progress?

At Apex, you have your own personal coach in your corner. We’ve got your back! 

This program is made especially for the “busy woman” who doesn’t have time to piece the puzzle together.  We know if it’s boring, you won’t to do it. If you have a great program but you fall off the wagon, then what good is it? Not time to cook? We hear you. We have devised options to tackle all of your potential setbacks.
We really have covered all the bases when it comes to your nutrition, exercise, and holding you accountable using effective methods to make it as easy as possible for you not only to hit goal, but continue to rock it out, after our program.
Let us sweat the details! You will receive a custom nutrition program, semi-private training, and your own personal accountability coach that will give you everything you need DAILY to do and hold you to it!
You will develop a new routine and habits for lasting success, and still be able to enjoy occasional cake and a glass of wine. It’s about making small steps in a consistent pattern, and implementing some secret tips that work best for our clients.


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3 Semi-Private Sessions /Week: Torch fat and learn kickboxing in three 45 min Semi-Private sessions per week with your coach in your corner who will push you to new limits in a small group.  You get personalized attention but still experience camaraderie of your training partners, at a more affordable price than one-on-ones!

Learn REAL Kickboxing techniques: Our training style will make you wanting to come back for more, is…it’s actually fun AND useful! You’re learning a combat art that could actually help ward off a predator, while blasting calories in an effective manner using HIIT training.
Remote Training: Can’t make it in? All clients will receive remote training options daily, with videos to demonstrate all the exercises, sets, reps, etc! So, you can literally keep up with your training from anywhere!
Custom Nutrition: your coach will provide you with a custom nutrition plan with macronutrient goals and adjust accordingly as you move toward your goal. Plus, receive simple recipes, time-saving guides, and even approved delivery or take-out options! You will feel satiated and energetic, and still be able to indulge at parties and holidays!
​Supplement Recommendations: everyone always asks, what supplements should I take? your coach will go through a series of questions to help you choose supplements that will best accelerate your success.
One-on-One Accountability Coach: Your coach will go over all the details in your orientation session, meet with you in-person or remotely for regular check-ins, and communicate with you often through our 2-way messaging app. They will also monitor your nutrition and workout attendance in our app.
Peer Support: Private access to our exclusive in-app group with coaches and peers to share progress, connect, ask questions, etc.

RESULTS Guarantee: Your coach will set an aggressive but achievable/healthy results goal for you, and coach you every step of the way until you hit your goal as long as you complete 3 weekly sessions, check-ins, and follow the nutrition plan!

Join our 10-week transformation journey and let our coaches guide you every step of the way.

No experience? Don’t sweat it.
Although we train pro and champion athletes, our Semi-Private sessions accommodate your level exactly where you are.
We have over 10 years of experience in helping 1000’s of people reach their goals, whether it be to lose weight, spice up their workouts, or become a professional athlete.


Pay as low as $34/mo! with our financing options!*


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Meet Apex Co-Owner Nicole….

I am a mom, a fighter, and a business woman. After having my daughter, I dropped 50 pounds and was able to get back in the ring to become a boxing Champion 1 year postpartum, while breastfeeding, then an MMA Champion, when my daughter was 2. I was exhausted, but I just drove to our gym, and the group energy, amazing coaches, and fun workouts helped me get it done.

I know how difficult it is to juggle kids, work, meals, animals, craziness of life, and I am super-excited to offer a unique system so our clients have options to cater to their lifestyle. When you can have a simple meal solution, spend minimal time at the gym, and have your own personal cheerleader holding you to it, you don’t spend hours on the elliptical bored out of your mind and get no results. Get results the Apex way and see why our customers keep coming back for more!

Meet Coach Pat…

I began Taekwondo at age 6, which sparked a personal lifelong love for martial arts. I have 8 years of Taekwondo experience and was a multiple X National Junior Taekwondo Champion. I also have 12 years practicing Muay Thai, 7 years of teaching the art, 2 amateur Muay Thai fights, and now an Apex MMA Coach! 

Since starting with Apex in 2021 I have dropped over 55 lbs and am on track to compete in 2022! It’s a privilige to be with Apex MMA and an honor to help develop students by sharing my passion. Let’s smash our personal goals on our way to the top!

Just a few words from our ladies who are
kicking booty, losing weight, and lovin’ life…   

<< Barbara lost 29 pounds and is still workin’ it!

“My name is Barbara, I joined Apex MMA 16 week boot camp in March and it was the best thing that I’ve ever done for a lot of reasons, the main one being for health reasons. I’ve lost 29 lbs so I know that the program is working and I decided to stay with the gym when it was over. The boot camp changes all of the time, that’s what brings me back. It’s always fresh, new techniques and new pain the next day (but that means it working!). You don’t know what’s coming and that’s what makes you come back for more. My strength and balance have both improved as I’ve become stronger and able to do things I couldn’t do before. The group atmosphere at Boot Camp is great and I find it very helpful to be working out with others and not worrying about being criticized. All the coaches and senior members at Apex are very welcoming and great at answering any questions or helping you learn a exercise. Shout out to coach Joey and coach Lizzy thank you!!”

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