Get Ready for the Burn!

Join the 2022 MELTDOWN Challenge

Begins Monday, January 10th!

We’re excited to announce our newest 6-Week challenge. Beginning on January 10th, the MELTDOWN Challenge will be underway and using our newest training and accountability app that we have never used before for an Apex group challenge. We have tested it on external groups and there were HUGE RESULTS, so we can’t wait to deploy it to our most favorite peeps of all!

This challenge includes:

  • Personalized Nutrition
  • In-Person or On-Demand Fitness
  • Accountability Coach
  • Prizes & Giveaways from great sponsors like these…

THIS TYPE OF CHALLENGE IS GOING FOR $50/WEEK at other gyms RIGHT NOW! And as you probably know, our gym, coaches, and team on a another level. So take advantage of this opportunity!
(*Prices may go up as we get closer to the start date.)

Check out what it includes>>>

Members Basic- $8/week – This gives you all the tools and accountability to reach your goal in 6 weeks!

  • Live Zoom orientation (also recorded)
  • Live Zoom mid-point check-in (also recorded)
  • Accountability coach with 2-way messaging in App
  • Training regimen & tracking
  • On-demand classes and step-by-step workouts
  • Nutrition and Results tracking in App
  • Meal plan and recipes
  • Group supplement discounts
  • Contests – giveaways & prizes!

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Members Plus – $15/week – Get the best results with One-on-One Coaching! Everything above PLUS +++

  • Private One-on-One Goals Meeting w Coach
  • Mid-point One-on-One Check-in
  • Custom Meal Plan & Recipes
  • Custom Macronutrient Goals and Monitoring
  • Measurements by Coach – before / midpoint / after

LET’S DO THIS! Grab your spot here >>