Train with Champions

Learn to Fight, Have Fun, and Get a Battle-Tested Workout!

Train with Champions

Learn to Fight, Have Fun, and Get a Battle-Tested Workout!

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Train with champions:

Adult Martial Arts

Interested in MMA, Grappling, Judo, or Muay Thai? Whether you are a beginner or world champion we have the programs and expert coaches to help you reach your goals! Personalized training is available!

Kids MMA

The Kids MMA program instills the traditional fundamentals of martial arts while allowing students to build confidence and experience various styles including Karate, Kickboxing, Judo, and Wrestling.

HIIT & Kick Fitness

Looking for a battle-tested workout without getting hit? This class is great for beginners looking to increase your fitness and strength, and add some fun in your workout regimen with kickboxing.


Judo is a traditional sport that involves takedowns, throws, trips, ground control, chokes, joint locks and other submissions wearing the kimono uniform.


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Hear what our members have to say:


“Really great gym, Coach Joey is very easy to learn from and he’s very passionate about the sport and teaching it. Everyone in the classes is very welcoming to new members and willing to help learn the new techniques.”


“Sweetest staff with best intentions always in mind, not just about the money. Truly family oriented. Will work with you on finding safe ways to modify things. The gym is clean and the support you get is freaking amazing.”


“My daughter attends the kids MMA class here and she absolutely loves it! Their attention to detail and ability to keep the kids attention during class is excellent.”

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